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The Savoy Quintet

The Savoy QuintetIllus.1

Pictured is A CD of the Savoy Quintet's first recording, although it was not the first recording I ever made with them. When John Charles first approached me and asked if I would record with them, I refused, saying, "No, my sight-reading has become too rusty."
John replied, "We are only interested in your brushwork, mate.
Look, we are rehearsing on Tuesday morning, please come along to that and if you don't like the music, I will understand."
I felt compromised and unable to refuse I turned up at the rehearsal. It was lovely, I absolutely loved it,  it was a great little band, they played all of my favourite tunes and my reading was not half as bad as I'd feared.
I did the recording session of course, however the CD was never released, but instead was used as a demo-disc.
Some time later,(after some personnel changes) we went back into the studio and did it all again. Plus adding a lot more tunes of course. Although this album was never entitled: "Savoy Quintet Vol I." that is indeed what it was!
At least our recent CD, entitled, Savoy Quintet Vol II. was correctly named. Well, when we made the first one we didn't know we were going to make another did we?
I mean five years ago, we weren't even sure if we would still be together! Well okay, so I'm more together than the rest of 'em, but don't tell them I said that!

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The Savoy Quintet - StudioIllus.2

Pianist/bandleader John Charles and I working on the sound-balance and studio-mix. My stage-fright (or studio-nerves, if you prefer) can be seen clearly here. Obviously I'm hating every note I played

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The Savoy Quintet privatIllus.3

Here we see recording engineer, Ron Craig, violinist, Inge Courtney-Haentjes and myself taking a well earned coffee-break. Or in my case, a tea-break.
I'm looking a little more relaxed in this picture. Actually I had realised on reflection, my four colleagues had played very well and the music sounded fine.
Mind you, after a nice cup of tea and a sandwich it's surprising how even my own contribution had improved

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