Peace In Our Time

The Royal Airforce
And still drumming !

Ken Harrison at the Royal Airforce
Per Adua Ad Astra Nil Carborundum
(Don't let the bastards grind you down)

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  Flight 17. Nr 11 Squadron

This is some of Flight 17. Nr 11 Squadron
Royal Air Force Training depot,
Circa May/June 1954.

In point of fact, it's Cpl Geoff Hudspith surrounded by most of the lads from my billet. That's me, on the extreme right of the front row. Or to be pedantic, front row, second from Hudspith's left.
I didn't see much of them after this photograph was taken, because I joined the RAF Hednesford Voluntary Band and for me, that was the end of square-bashing. Apart from playing on various Passing-Out Parades, of course.

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Duty Police NCO

The Guardroom,
RAF Police Training Academy,
Information leading to this man's whereabouts will be treated with the utmost privacy.
Last seen - circa 1954-55
Does anyone recognise this man?

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A mothley crew

Regrettably minus our beloved commandant, Flight Sergeant Bushell, this is a picture of the entire staff of RAF (regiment) Cleve, North Cornwall, circa 1955-56. Photographed here at ease, outside the rear entrance to the Officer's Mess.
Well it our mess actually (and you can say that again!) On our arrival, Sgt Bushell and I decided this building was the best habitation on the camp, so naturally, we inhabited it.
Pictured here is the crew of ruffians with whom I spent the truly happiest times of my entire life. This photograph records us at the most formal occasion we ever attended, without a care in the world we enjoyed a fantastic holiday in idyllic surroundings, paid for by the Great British Taxpayer. All of us owe them a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

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