Kenn Harrison - Jobsworth - J.I.Thornycraft

First job - still not a drummer

El Malek Fouad
Illus. 1

An eye on your future me arse!
Not my bloody future, mate!

This brochure appears in the book, however the caption is incorrect. On the cover, a man is seen standing looking proudly up at the bow of the luxury Egyptian cruise ferry, "El Malek Foad' and the caption beneath the picture infers that that man was me.

Well, I assure you, dear reader, it certainly wasn't me! I was never proud of any of the ships that I worked on. I slaved my goddamned guts out, helping to build the bloody things and nobody was ever more determined never to build another one!

However, I do appear inside the brochure, photographed cutting a huge sheet of aluminium on a guillotine.

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